supportive recovery house

Foundation House is a supportive recovery house for men located in Victoria, BC. 

One of the many challenges faced by people in early recovery is finding a safe and supportive environment in which to live. There is a very real shortage of affordable housing in Greater Victoria, especially housing that is free from drug use, disruption and violence. A realistic solution to this problem is supportive recovery housing. At Foundation House, operated by the Umbrella Society for Addictions and Mental Health, we provide a caring home to men who have completed a minimum of 30 days in a stabilization or residential treatment facility. Foundation House is staffed to ensure that residents remain safe, and focused on their individual recovery journeys.

Located at 512 Cecelia Road in Victoria, British Columbia, Foundation House can help in many ways. There is no time limit; residents can stay as long as they feel it is beneficial to their recovery. The men can work, volunteer, or go to school, while they follow their individualized recovery programs. We ask all residents to participate in the day-to-day operation of the house.  By sharing in cooking, cleaning and other chores, the men gain valuable life skills and learn the value of collaboration. We support each resident with professional one-on-one counselling at the house; this counselling continues to be available after they have moved on.

A new addition to the house is our permanent resident, Cali, a beautiful dog who came from a high kill shelter in California, where she was slated to be destroyed. Cali arrived at the house weary, neglected and terrified. In the short time Cali has lived here, we have seen great improvements in her physical health.  More importantly, we’ve watched her begin to trust and love again. Cali and the men share the journey of rebuilding their lives together. She’s living her second chance in a home that is built on second chances. Cali is a perfect fit!

We welcome alumni of Foundation House to attend the house meeting at 8:00 PM on the last Wednesday of each month.  We’d like to stay connected and we know that you can be an inspiration to current residents.


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